Yakiniku Sauce (Yakiniku no tare) SHIBANUMA, 300 ml

Unique Japanese umami boost for your marinades and grilled dishes!

Japanese umami blend of onion, apple, sansho pepper combined with artisan soy sauce.

Upgrade your BBQ experience with Shibanuma's artisanal yakiniku barbecue sauce. Created at one of Ibaraki prefecture's famous breweries and made from an exclusive blend of rich wood-barrelled raw soy sauce with onion, apple and sansho Japanese pepper, this decadent barbecue sauce makes for a key component in perfecting Japanese grilled barbecue.

The term “yakiniku” in Japanese means: grilled meat. You can marinate meat or vegetables in yakiniku sauce before cooking or grilling.

Perfect with grilled meats, seafood and vegetables, this sauce is oil-free and full of umami charge. It is incredibly versatile and can also be added to a wide variety of dishes such as fish, tofu, fried rice and many others.

In charming glass bottle. Perfect gift for any grill enthusiast!