Lemonade Moon Mist FAYGO, 730 ml

Refreshing crisp taste!

Get serious about refreshment with Faygo Moon Mist Soda. This light and lively drink quenches your thirst burst of citrus.

It's naturally flavored, featuring the crisp taste of lemon and lime with a hint of juicy orange.

If you haven't tried Faygo brand drinks yet, now is the time to take the plunge. Faygo is an American brand that offers different lemonades with very exotic flavors that are very popular in the USA.

The history of the Faygo brand started in 1907 , and yes, already more than 100 years. The brand was started by Ben and Perry Feigenson . The 2 brothers have continued to develop the brand over the years with new flavors, but also bottle versions, cans for more than 30 different flavors.

The Faygo brand is one of the most widely consumed American lemonade sodas today.


  • contains caffeine
  • Kosher


Made in USA