Ssamjang korėjietiškas sojų padažas SEMPIO, 250 g

  • €2,73

Savory and sweet umami dipping

Umami-rich Korean soybean dipping paste with just a hint of spiciness that works perfectly with BBQ and fresh vegetables.

The perfect blend of conventional soybean paste(Doenjang), red chili paste(Gochujang),sesame, and vegetables creating a masterfully balanced savory condiments to pair with almost any food that could use a mild spicy flavor kick.

Can be enjoyed as a dipping sauce for fresh vegetable sticks, grilled meat, or can be used to make a light Korean dish called ‘Ssam:’ rice and ssamjang wrapped in a leaf of lettuce.

Ingredients: Fermented rice syrup, soybeans, water, rice, naturally brewed soy sauce, red pepper seasoning, minced garlic, salt, alcohol, sugar, roasted sesame, sesame oil, lactic acid, yeast extract, onion powder, koji-starter, ginger seasoning

Vegan  🌱

Product of South Korea