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Gochujang marinade (recipe)

Gochujang marinade (recipe)

Ignas Raiselis |

 Mix everything in following order:

  • Korean chili paste (Gochujang) 2 tbsp
  • soy sauce 2 cups 
  • rice vinegar 2 tbsps
  • brown sugar 1 tbsp
  • garlic (crushed) 5 cloves 
  • ginger (slised) mid size 
  • spring onions roughly chopped 3 pcs
  • big sweet onion sliced lengthwise 1 pc


  • fish sauce 1 tsp
  • mirin 1 tsp


Marinate poultry or pork in MAGiC BOX for at least 2 hours (we prefer 24 h), then cook, fry or grill.

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