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Japchae Bulgogi KOREAN STREET, 103 g


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Japchae Kit with Sweet and Salty flavor (Bulgogi)

Japchae is the traditional side dish of glass noodles made of sweet potato and sautéed vegetables. Most recipes have a mixture of mushrooms, carrots, leeks, spinach and onions cooked in sesame oil. It’s delicious and not too greasy.


1. Put the noodles and ingredient mix in a bowl. 

2. Add boiling water until everything is covered and let it simmer for 4 minutes. 

3. Then drain the water completely and add the sauce. Stir well before serving.


Nutritional values per 100g:

Energy: 1362KJ/ 321Kcal

Fat: 3,2g

of which saturates: 0,5g

Carbohydrates: 70g

of which sugars: 12g

Protein: 2,9g

Salt: 2,7g

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