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Japanese pepper (Sansho) S&B, 8 g


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Savory zesty kick!

Japanese pepper, also known as Sansho, is a distinctive spice commonly used in Japanese cuisine. Derived from the green berries of the prickly ash tree (Zanthoxylum piperitum), Sansho imparts a unique and citrusy flavor profile to dishes. The spice is renowned for its tongue-tingling, slightly numbing sensation, making it a key element in various traditional Japanese recipes.

It is a spice featuring a refreshing scent of citrus fruits and an exciting spicy tingling at tongue. 

Sansho is often used in both its whole form and ground into a powder. The whole berries, known as "sansho berries" or "sansho peppercorns," are utilized in pickles, marinades, and simmered dishes. The ground Sansho powder adds a zesty kick to dishes like grilled eel and is frequently used as a finishing touch for grilled meat, soups, noodles, and sushi. Goes exceptionally well with grilled fish.

In addition to its culinary uses, Sansho is valued for its medicinal properties in traditional Japanese medicine. It is believed to aid digestion and is sometimes used for its antimicrobial properties.

Overall, Sansho plays a distinctive role in Japanese gastronomy, contributing a citrusy and numbing essence that enhances the complexity of various dishes.


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